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Important Announcement

Roy Eagle
Roy Eagle

The rapid spread of the COVID 19 virus has created a crisis throughout the world impacting everyone's daily lives including those of us living in Santa Barbara County.  These are extraordinary times and the challenges facing our commuity, nation and the world are unprecedented.  The Roy and Ida Eagle Foundation is committed to doing its part to engage this new reality by focusing all of our efforts and resources toward assisting those organizations that are on the front lines of the effort to suppress and defeat the effects of this pandemic.

As a result of our efforts, this year, the foundation will NOT be considering grant applications from community organizations that we have proudly supported in the past.  Our decision could change as we progress through the year so we encourage you to periodically review our web site for updated information.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Mid Year / Year End Reporting

If you have recevied funding from the Roy and Ida Eagle Foundation, please download and complete the Mid Year/Year End Progress Report.

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* Please note we do not have a full time staff and our office is not open on a regular basis