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Roy and Ida Mission
Roy and Ida Eagle

The Roy and Ida Eagle Foundation recognizes that Family is the fundamental unit of society and that a Community can be no stronger than its families. The family is the best place to promote the time-honored virtues of character and civility, to develop life skills and citizenship, and to avoid the problems that weaken society. The best way to improve a community is to strengthen families and improve the environment in which they live.

The purpose and activities of the Foundation are to seek out and provide funding to charitable and governmental organizations that provide services to encourage and strengthen the family unit as well as provide care and protection for domestic animals and indigenous wildlife.

The types of organizations that meet the purpose of the Foundation include but are not limited to those that provide educational opportunities, meet emergency needs, promote character development and self reliance, provide medical assistance to those without sufficient resources; and organizations that provide for the protection of animals in their community.